Frequently Asked Questions

How do I register?

Whether you’re a new firm or a new user of a registered firm, creating a Confirmation account is easy and takes a few minutes to complete.

Download User Registration Guide

Does it comply with audit standards?

Confirmation complies with international, national, and local audit standards. Learn more about how our service complies with each of the governing bodies.

How do I send confirmations?

Follow this 5 step process:

1.    Create your client profile

2.    Select responding parties and add your requests

3.    Obtain client authorisation

4.    Initiate your confirmations and await response

5.    Download the completed confirmations

Learn how to send confirmations electronically to a Confirmation In-Network responder.

Download the Confirmation User Guide

How long will it take to get a confirmation response?

Responders complete confirmations in the order they are received, so if you have a tight deadline, we recommend sending them early. You can send requests up to 90 days in advance of your audit's year end date.

What is a consolidated confirmation?

You should select the form type based on the product type you are looking to confirm (e.g. asset, liability etc). The Consolidated form type should be used when you want to perform a comprehensive search of the responder's records based on a single account number for an entity. Only one Consolidated request should be submitted per entity per bank (this will cover multiple accounts in one request). Individual confirmations (e.g. asset or liability) should have a separate request for each account.

What do I do if I sent a confirmation with errors?

If you send a confirmation with an error (for example, the wrong 'As of' Date), you can 'Recall' it if the responder has not yet started work on it. Read our Other Actions Guide below for more information on how to "Recall". If the confirmation cannot be recalled, contact customer support. You must resubmit your confirmation with the correct information. You can do this either before or after you recall the incorrect one.


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What if my completed confirmation has errors?

If you receive a confirmation with errors or omissions, you can 'Re-confirm' this with the responding entity. Re-confirmations are free of charge and are prioritised in front of new requests that the responder receives. Read our Other Actions Guide below for more information on re-confirmations.

Download Other Actions Guide

How do I update a client authorisation?

Changes to client signers must be made at the Client Profile and updated on the Accounts – otherwise, the authorisation request cannot be sent to the new signer.

What is an Engagement Number?

The Engagement Number is your audit firm's internal reference code relating to the audit client used to track time and expenses relating to that client. This is useful for tracking expenses as it will be displayed on certain billing reports.

What is an Account ID?

Certain forms, such as asset or liability forms, refer to 'Account ID'. This is the unique account identifier or account number relating to the account you want to confirm.

What are my billing options?

There are no license or sign up fees for using Confirmation; auditors only pay for confirmations they send. By default, users will be required to pay at the point of initiating a request to a responder. We offer two credit card payment methods:

Individual Credit Card

Charges are made to the individual user.

Office Credit Card

Firms can link a central credit or debit card to one or more offices.

How do I set up office billing?

We have office billing arrangements available suitable to firms that want to gain additional efficiencies in processing confirmations. Office billing requires a nominated supervisor to manage the arrangement.

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Can’t find what you need?

Check out our support page for usage tips, or reach out to us directly.